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Overview Contoura Vision

Contoura Vision (CV) is a revolutionary, FDA-approved laser vision technology that can provide patients with outstanding outcomes compared to traditional LASIK surgery. With Contoura Vision, your surgeon will create an in-depth 3D map of your eye and design a customized treatment plan tailored to you – which could result in better vision than imagined! Not only does it enhance one’s lens power but also optimizes corneal irregularities on the Visual axis for remarkably sharp visual results when pitted against LASIK & SMILE therapies.

The dedicated eye specialists at Eyemantra Hospital custom-craft a treatment strategy to fit the unique needs of each patient, ensuring that their vision is restored in an effective and lasting way.

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Contoura Vision Procedure

Contoura Vision is a precise and sophisticated topographic mapping technology for the cornea that utilizes an advanced, high-frequency excimer laser to precisely vaporize tissue. By adjusting the power of the laser based on each patient’s unique needs, this procedure can treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia with remarkable accuracy.

To commence, your surgeon will utilize a topographer instrument that takes thousands of measurements across the entirety of your cornea. These figures aid in producing an exact representation of any imperfections on the surface of your eye. The topographer rectifies the irregularities by producing 22,000 distinct elevation points on the cornea. When combined, these points create an even surface throughout and result in improved visual quality overall. The treatment is carried out along what’s known as the visual axis – this being our eye’s natural line of sight.

Benefits of Contoura Vision

Contoura Vision is a US FDA-approved method for removing specifications that meets the highest standards in spec removal procedures.

Some of the advantages of Contoura Vision eye surgery are:

  • Strengthen your night vision and contrast sensitivity to give you an edge in any situation.
  • Experience a more expansive field of vision than with conventional LASIK surgery.
  • Utilizing preoperative measurements, surgeons are able to craft a highly customized treatment plan tailored specifically for your eyes.
  • Greater precision allows for superior vision correction outcomes.
  • Each and every patient achieved 20/20 vision or even better.
  • Achieve optimal visual acuity with minimal risk of side effects; the safest, most effective way to improve your vision.
  • Can be used in combination with corrective procedures, like LASIK, so that you can maximize your visual outcomes.

Why Contoura Vision Surgery?

Keep in mind that each technique has advantages and disadvantages. An ophthalmologist must examine a patient to determine which treatment is best for him or her.

Trans PRKContoura VisionLASIKSMILE
Cost (INR)50,000 – 75,00095,000 – 1,05,00080,000 – 1,00,00080,000 – 95,000
Quality of Vision
Post Surgery Dryness
Tissue Saving & Corneal Strength
Range of Correction
Eye Movement tracking
Visual Axis Treatment
Corneal Irregularities Correction
WOW Effect

Contoura Vision Risks

Like with any type of surgery, there are certain risks associated with Contoura Vision eye surgery. These risks include:

Early Cataract
Blurry Vision
Retinal Detachment

Contoura Vision Aftercare

To ensure a successful outcome from Contoura Vision surgery, there are some crucial steps to take.

Following your eye surgeon’s post-operative instructions is of the utmost importance. By doing so, you can guarantee that your eyes heal properly and avert any potential complications.

In order to enhance your experience, you may receive the following instructions:

  • For the initial week post-surgery, wearing protective eye shields during nighttime is essential.
  • To ensure your eyes stay hydrated, regularly apply artificial tears as frequently as necessary.
  • To avoid infection, it is important to take antibiotics as instructed by your doctor.
  • After undergoing surgery, it is paramount to refrain from rubbing or touching your eyes for a minimum of four weeks.

Contoura Vision surgery is relatively painless and allows you to go back to your everyday routine within a few days. Nonetheless, it’s crucial that you take it easy for the first week after the procedure and steer clear of any strenuous activities or anything that could cause impact on your eyes. Through mindful maintenance and supervision, you should be able to appreciate the benefits of your renewed vision for many years.

Contoura Vision Cost

Eyemantra is currently offering Contoura Vision Cost at an unbeatable Rs. 25,000 per eye! It’s the revolutionary laser vision correction procedure that gives you better results than traditional LASIK – but with a higher cost due to its new technology and limited availability across hospitals.

At Eye Mantra Hospital, you can trust that you will be receiving the highest quality of care from a team of surgeons who have completed thousands of LASIK surgeries. The facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology and modernized amenities to ensure an optimal experience for all patients. With this level of expertise and competence, choose Eye Mantra Hospital for your next LASIK procedure!

ProcedureRecovery TimeRisks (Dislocation
/ flap tearing)
(High power
/ thin cornea)
Key BenefitPrice/Eye (₹)
Standard LASIK In Delhi30 daysHighNullBasic standard surgery for specs removal12,000
C LASIK In Delhi15 daysHighNullCustomized to cornea16,000
Contoura In Delhi3 daysLowNullCorneal polishing and aberration removal for super vision.25,000
TransPRK In Delhi3 daysLowNullOne step procedure: Bladeless, Flapless, Touchless, and Safest32,000
Femto LASIK In Delhi3 daysHighNullLaser used to create flap40,000
ICL Surgery In Delhi3 daysMediumNullEye lens replaced with a new lens40,000
Smart Surf LASIK In Delhi3 daysLowestNull5D Eye tracking with aberration removal | Max tissue saving45,000
SMILE In Delhi7 daysLowNullLaser used to extract eye tissue for vision correction80,000

Best Eye Hospital.

For outstanding LASIK Laser eye surgery, there are two renowned hospitals in India: the prestigious AIIMS and Eye Mantra in Delhi; and Sankara Nethralaya & L.V. Prasad Eye Institute located in Chennai & Hyderabad respectively. Moreover, there is a plethora of remarkable eye hospitals providing this service throughout Delhi too!

At our clinic, we utilize the most advanced equipment and technology to deliver extensive eye care services for patients undergoing LASIK, SMILE, Contura and ICL treatments. Our mission is to offer budget-friendly yet high-caliber laser procedures that help improve your vision quality while significantly improving your life’s outlook.

Make sure you see the best of your vision with LASIK eye surgery. Book an appointment with us and let our experts assess your individual case to provide you with personalized treatment options. We look forward to assisting you on improving your sight!

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