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Advanced LASIK Technology.

In the past two decades, advancements in Lasik laser technology have revolutionized vision eye surgery and made it far safer, more effective, and predictable. With remarkable accuracy, Excimer Laser utilized in Lasik Surgery can alter the stromal bed surface of the cornea layer for a permanent corrective vision modification. This is why many people opt for this procedure over traditional glasses or contacts – greater precision leads to much better results!

With the array of FDA-accredited Lasik Laser Technology available in Delhi, none is necessarily “better” than another. When it comes to selecting a laser for vision correction surgery, there are certain factors that need to be considered, such as degree and type of visual impairment, pupil size and cornea thickness. These details along with patient’s budget should all factor into the decision making process; however what matters most is finding an experienced surgeon capable of delivering desired results over minor variations in laser technology.

To ensure patient safety and successful outcomes, the FDA has instituted specific regulations for laser eye surgery. The differentiating elements between approved Lasik lasers are mainly the delivery of the laser beam pattern & the tracking system utilized during operation.

  • Flying Spot Scanning Lasers
  • Slit scanning Lasers

Wavefront technology is the core of LASIK+’s individualized vision correction, allowing us to generate maps known as Custom Lasik or Wavefront Guided Lasik or Wavefront Optimized Lasik. This mapping reveals any optical irregularities within a patient’s eye that lasers – either slit scanning or flying spot scanning – can then use to reshape the cornea and deliver clearer, sharper sight. By utilizing wavefront-guided procedures on both types of laser systems, we provide our patients with personalized results for optimal outcomes.

When it comes to Lasik surgery in Delhi, there are many FDA-approved procedures available; yet success is dependent not only on the procedure itself but also upon the surgeon’s skillset, expertise and whether you as a patient meet all of the necessary requirements.

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Contoura Vision Lasik Surgery (Topo Guided Laser Technology).

Contoura Vision Lasik Surgery – your ideal solution for improved eyesight and astigmatism correction with 100% Blade Free Technology. Here at Delhi, you can experience the topography guided surgery at an affordable cost of INR 65000 (for both eyes)! This FDA approved procedure will give you remarkable results compared to other traditional procedures. So why wait? Get the best laser eye treatment today!

Contoura LASIK offers an unprecedented level of detail about your corneal structures which is invaluable during the personalized surgical procedure. Utilizing its advanced topographer, this technology measures every individual and previously undetectable trait from each patient’s eyes – allowing for a more meticulous approach to treatment plans that produces superior vision outcomes.